This is the online tool that gives you overview and control on corporate spending - transactions, invoices and payments. And where you can order new cards and administrate cards and accounts related to your company.

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To be able to log in you have to order a one-time-password, sent as a text message to your registered mobile phone number.

Six (6) digits must be entered. The user id consists of six (6) digits
Four (4) digits must be entered.
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How to get access?
In order to get access, you need to fill in the specified information. (Your User id can be found in the e-mail received from Eurocard).

Enter the User id and the last 4 digits of your mobile number and press Get password. Enter the code you will receive by sms from Eurocard, and the access is granted.

In case your access is denied, please read the error message carefully, and contact Eurocard Corporate Support for assistance.

New mobile number?
If you have changed your mobile number, and this is not updated in our systems, then you will not get access. In order to get access you need to contact Eurocard Corporate Support, who will assist you.

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To log in with NemID you first have to enter your user id - assigned to you by Eurocard - and then press the "Log in with NemID" button. You will then be forwarded to our service provider "Signicat" for NemID authentication. Please remember to have your NemID employee signature code card ready, when you wish to log in.

Six (6) digits must be entered.The user id consists of six (6) digits
Log in with NemID

How to get access?
Before you can get access to the system, you need to be assigned to the system by Corporate Support at Eurocard.

When you have been assigned and received a confirmation e-mail, please fill in your user id and choose "Login with NemID" hereafter you are to enter your NemID number, and your password, followed by the code from your NemID employee signature code card.

In case your access is denied, please read the error message carefully, and if needed dont hesitate to contact Corporate Support for assistance.

Errors related to NemID please contact NemID support (www.nemid.nu)

Please note, that NemID - employee signature with code card, is only offered to Danish customers.

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Please choose country to reach correct bank-id authentication method.

If you do not hold a Nordic social security number - please use SMS OTP authentication.

How to get access?

In order to set up BankID you will need to register your social security number. Login with SMS OTP or NemID Erhverv (Danish customers only) first, and then you will be asked to provide your social security number and confirm it with BankID. Once you have done this you will be able to log in with BankID.
If you do not have a Nordic Social Security Number, please continue to use SMS OTP as your authentication method until further notice.

Please contact Eurocard Corporate Support if you require any additional assistance.